Charles Liang

Founder of L.H. Organic USA

Charles Liang was born and raised in China and has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in business and economics. He worked for the China Agricultural and Trust Investment Corporation before moving to the United States and specializing in industrial mining product investment and import and export trading businesses.
After his marriage in 1995, Charles focused his energy on a family-owned business that imports a variety of products from China to the United States ranging from canned foods, textiles, and industrial lighting equipment. This experience began a specialized shift into the business of raw materials and natural health food supplements.

Charles and his family have been vegetarians since 1996 and having learned the value and benefits of a 100% plant-based diet, they enhanced their lives further by only consuming organic foods. By 1998, the demand for organic food restaurants in surrounding neighborhoods was growing, so Charles and his wife joined with friends to invest in their first vegan restaurant in Orange County, CA.  During this time, Charles was able to promote a healthy lifestyle to customers and clients in both industries and in 2010, he opened his organic cheap cialis 20mg online vegan restaurant in Claremont, CA, which continues to thrive today.

By 2015, with growing knowledge of organic plant-based cuisine and in response to clients growing needs for truly organic plant-based nutrition, Charles updated his import/export products line to include an organic ingredient supply chain.  Inspired by the increased health of customers, family and friends, Charles gathered a team of formulation experts to design a unique whole-food formulation that provides positive energy and complete spectrum of nutrition. After years of testing and evaluation, the end result became the first version of Supreme Greens formula; a natural blend of organic ingredients that satisfies hunger and shares the values of good health, warm energy and respect for the land that Charles learned in his young growing up. After that, Charles took another half a year to improve and perfect the Supreme Greens and did a wide test trial with hundreds volunteers  so finally the last version of the Supreme Greens come out successfully in production in October 2017 and the product now is introduced into the USA market from February 2018.