8th Annual Health, Healing & Happiness Expo at Enclave in Las Vegas June 01-02, 2019

dina lynn

Dina Lynn

MS Warrior, Food Purveyor, CEO of Timeless Foods By Dina Lynn

Presentation: Healing With Guts "How To Heal From Within"
Find courage to heal from the inside out! First with your mind, followed by action and then get to work, beginning with your gut (microbiome). This talk will give you simple easy steps and a plan of action for results.
Attendees will benefit from knowledge that is not taught by conventional doctors these days. They will leave empowered and with a clear plan of action on how to begin their personal healing journey.
Hear Dina live on our Healthy Inspirations Stage!
Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and a mass cell disorder that have no cure, Dina Lynn went to work on herself and started with a strong nutritional foundation to begin the healing process. She is real, relatable, raw and brings a simplicity to a complex problem.
Based on her personal experience, mastery of her own microbiome health and a commitment to learning first hand, Dina Lynn will guide you through a hands-on process that has helped her to get back to health when her multiple diagnoses including a so-called incurable auto-immune disorder are trying to break her down. Her incredible perseverance and can-do attitude has gotten her a rock star reputation in fighting back disease and her commitment to helping others heal is truly exemplary!