8th Annual Health, Healing & Happiness Expo at Enclave in Las Vegas June 01-02, 2019

Dr. Craig Roles, DC, DABCI, DCBCN

Functional Medicine Doctor and Chiropractor

Presentation on the Healthy Inspirations Program:

NEUROPLASTICITY: The brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.

Come learn how to keep your brain & nervous system VIBRANT and at it’s highest potential.  The plasticity of your brain plays a primary role in your every day life.  It has an impact upon your memory, your emotions and your mental clarity.

A healthy brain & nervous system will help you heal faster, reduce stress, improve your sleep and even help prevent slips, falls and accidents.

Presentation 1 on the Expo Empower Stage:


We know that Heart Disease is the #1 killer of Americans today, but did you know that lowering cholesterol is Big Business in the US?  A business that is harming many of us.  What are they telling us that is not true?
Come learn:
  1. The truth about cholesterol – that cholesterol is not the demon
  2. The best tests to prevent heart attack and stroke
  3. The best food to be eating to reduce our heart risk
  4. The best supplements and herbs that we may take to lower our risk

Presentation 1 on the Expo Empower Stage:


Proper digestion is at the core of all health & healing.  If your digestive system is not working at it’s prime, your ability to function at your best is severely compromised.  Did you know the “Purple Pill” will kill your digestion system, and yet it is in the TOP THREE of the most profitable over the counter medications sold in the US at $2.6 billion dollars per year.
Come learn a healthy alternative to the purple pill and learn how to create a healthy gut & digestive system.

Hear Dr. Craig Roles live on our Healthy Inspirations and Expo Empower Stage!

Dr. Roles has been a practicing holistic physician for 38 years. He is a functional medicine doctor and chiropractor, specializing in the diagnosis of internal disorders and using natural/complementary methods to improve and maximize health. He is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Internist and Clinical Nutritionist using several methods to diagnosis a condition including functional blood chemistries, hair analysis for heavy metals and adrenal/thyroid function, saliva hormone testing, stool testing, body composition analysis, and the latest technology, the heart sound recorder, allowing for the nutritional evaluation of the human body based upon heart function.
Methods used in the clinic are state of the art and on the cutting edge of medicine and chiropractic. The Chiropractic analysis and treatment uses a computer called the ProAdjuster. Massage therapy and functional exercise training are all a part of the clinic experience.
If you want to learn more about your health, how you can perhaps reduce your medication load, get answers to confusing health problems or simply get a step closer to attaining optimum health, call us for a complimentary consultation. Dr. Roles will take his personal time to discuss your condition and determine if we can help you with any of your health needs.