8th Annual Health, Healing & Happiness Expo at Enclave in Las Vegas June 01-02, 2019

Gina Covel

Registered Nurse and Intuit Dowser

Presentation: Raise Your Vibrational Frequencies to Facilitate Becoming Your Most Authentic You

Fears, Self Doubts, Anger, Phobias, Past Life Contracts are all lower vibrational frequencies that lodge within the structural makeup of our Being causing Dis - Harmony and Dis - Ease.

Having both a strong Western Medical background and solid spiritual connection, Gina uses her intuition and dowsing skills to reach quickly and gently into this moment’s soul dis-comfort to suggest tools and practices you can use to raise your frequency and facilitate your healing journey.

Come hear about one or two easy tools everyone can use + get a quick personal suggestion from Gina and your guides as time permits.

Hear Gina live on our Empower Stage in the Expo Hall!
Gina Covel is a Registered Nurse and Intuit Dowser who over the last 20+ years has been downloading and producing her high vibrational line of Crystalline Essence products, which have been used and prescribed by Chiropractors and Acupuncturists mostly in Southern California. Now that Gina has retired from nursing, she is bringing her intuitive skills and AMAZING products + other healing tools out to You… the public. It is TIME!!!