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Gina Gina

Hi, I’m Gina Evans, I was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, into a military family, raised on both the East and West coast, settling with my family in the Southwest around the age of 11. After a couple college semesters at The University of Hawaii Hilo and, then, Austin Community College, I received my degree in Finance, and a minor in Marketing, from the University of Texas, El Paso, though, that was never my passion.  I have always been a person curious about who we are and what makes us go, life in general.  At the age of 16, I learned Hypnotherapy and how to move energy and have been using it in my personal life, with loved ones and for our pets, ever since (it was only much later that I realized I had a gift and started to nurture it) .
Both my husband, Johnny, and myself are "Cancer Conquerers" and believe what we think, eat, put in our bodies, on our bodies and allow around our bodies ("personal environment") will be reflective on what we receive back from this amazing Universe.  In 2007, Johnny and I invested in small buy viagra for men commercial space here in Las Vegas, and over the next several years, designed and built out our beautiful little building, and on 11/12/13 opened my "Positive Living" Boutique, called "GINA GINA" and our music studios "The Studios". Around the same time, I became a Certified Reiki Master, and started working with friends and the public on "Energy Healing", "Cleansing our Personal Environment" and "Positive Living Wellness" sessions. In "The Studios", Johnny and I are working on a series of "Healing Music" and at GINA GINA, I have launched my own line of all natural face/bath/body Products and Chakra Jewelry, called "NoBlu Organics".  Our motto is "Enhance your mind, body, soul and "personal environment" and our, registered, slogan is "Positive Living in Sin City". I love every living thing, especially Mother Earth and hope to, always bring a positive outlook and approach to life and that around me. While I have this gifted breath, here on earth, I want to make a difference... I will make a difference...have a beautiful day, Gina Gina
Presentation: Positive Living and Protecting Your Personal Space
Expo Stage Saturday 1:30 pm and Sunday 4:30 pm