Ina Mohan

Ina Mohan

Creator & Executive Producer Health, Healing & Happiness Events, President of

Meet event creator and producer Ina Mohan! Born and raised in Germany, Ina is looking back on a diverse professional life as a certified chef and hotel & restaurant expert followed by a long international career as hotel technology executive, which brought her to Las Vegas in 2004 to take charge of large-scale software rollouts at Wynn Resorts and MGM Resorts.

When both her parents in Germany were diagnosed with cancer and her mom succumbed to breast cancer within 18 months, Ina found a new passion in service to others and her life took a turn in 2009, when she left her corporate career and became an entrepreneur with a cause.

Her own company was born, which is a guide to healthy living and a resource for dealing with diseases naturally from the inside out. In 2012 she created Health, Healing & Happiness™ events in Las Vegas, which are now the largest in Nevada and among the most popular events of this kind in the USA.

Her work in the natural health & wellness field, using a whole-foods plant-based lifestyle, has been featured in magazines and on TV & radio shows. In 2015 she was honored as finalist in education for the prestigious Women of Distinction Award by NAWBO Southern Nevada for her significant contributions to her profession and the community.

Ina is also a regular organizer of meetups and events and she gives talks on the power of nutrition for optimal health and the power of the mind for a life in abundance.

MORE ABOUT BELSANDIA.COM is your guide to a healthy, cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle that promotes and informs about the benefits of a plant-based diet for human health, the environment, and animal welfare. Ina Mohan, founder and president of, created Health, Healing & Happiness™ to raise awareness for natural solutions to deal with physical and emotional issues. Her mission is to empower people to take control of their own health and their life. For more information, visit:


If one or multiple aspects of your personal wellbeing are out of balance your life will not run as smoothly and this may become a breeding ground for disease. All the below elements are important for you to have a healthy, happy and empowered life!

This is your chance to rebalance your own wheel of life!

  • Nutrition: eat and drink foods that make your whole body THRIVE! The right food choices are key to disease prevention and long-term health, sustainable weight loss, and a powerful immune system.
  • Exercise / Fitness: get moving for optimal health, brain power and longevity! Find the moves that are right for you and be motivated to create lasting strength, agility and stamina!
  • Emotions: your emotions are immensely powerful allies for your wellbeing – or they can be your worst enemy! Balance your emotional world for happiness and fulfillment that starts on the inside.
  • Mental / Personal Development: discover how personal growth is the key to being healthy and to overcome limiting beliefs in order to empower you to reach your true potential!
  • Spirituality: Spiritual practice (not related or limited to religious practice) can give us a sense of meaning and purpose. It supports our connection to something bigger than ourselves.