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J.A. Plosker

J.A. Plosker

Award-winning Author of “The Nobody Bible: Uncovering the Simple Wisdom in Ordinary Life”
Advanced Degree Holder in Comparative Religion, Law and Social Work
Speaker on Mindfulness and Personal Growth

Presentation: Start Here: Transforming Ordinary Life into an Extraordinary Opportunity for Growth
Are ordinary events our most extraordinary opportunities for personal and spiritual growth? J. A. Plosker describes how a seemingly impossible experience took him out of a life of anxiety and depression and inspired him to spread a message of unlimited possibility. He’s now on a mission to empower people to be more mindful of life and to see their days in a whole new light. Hear how you can invigorate your journey of personal and spiritual growth right here, right now – right in your everyday life!
You will be inspired to consider how events in your everyday life can be powerful opportunities for growth!
Many people believe they don’t know enough about spiritual practices or don’t have enough time for personal or spiritual growth. It’s all for later or someday. My answer is clear: The life you have right now is your greatest opportunity for growth. The answers to the “not enough” problem are not on a distant mountaintop or in a deep, dark cave. They are right here, right now!
After this presentation you will understand the role ordinary life events play in spiritual and personal growth. J.A. will share a simple process to increase mindfulness in daily life.
Hear J.A. live on our Healthy Inspirations Stage!
J. A. Plosker holds advanced degrees in comparative religion, law and social work. He is a former social work counselor and instructor of world religion and philosophy, and is currently a speaker on mindfulness and personal growth, writer, teacher, host ofThe Nobody Guide to Life podcast and YouTube Channel, and the author of the multi-award-winning book, The Nobody Bible: Uncovering the Simple Wisdom in Ordinary Life.
J. A. has contributed to multiple outlets in the areas of personal and spiritual growth and mindfulness, including: The God Show with Pat McMahon, One Idea Away, Fatherly, EcoSalon, Thriveworks, Best Life, Inspiyr, House Method, and Bustle.
Published works, books, films, etc.
  • The Nobody Bible: Uncovering the Simple Wisdom in Ordinary Life (Nobody Press, 2017)
  • The Nobody Guide to Life Podcast (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and more)
  • The Nobody Guide to Life Channel (YouTube)
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