jamie lee

Jamie Lee

Founder of Animal Bonds and Animal Relationship Specialist

Presentation: Access The Healing Power of Animals
The secret to healing is found in the quiet bond we share with animals. The way we access that bond is through meditation.
Attendees can gain knowledge of a meditation technique that reduces stress, helps control anxiety, promotes emotional health and strengthens the relationship we share with animals. They will leave being able to do this at home with their pets, but it will even be beneficial if they don't have pets.
Jamie will guide the audience through a meditation known as Joshin Koku Ho, a Japanese Reiki meditation.
Hear Jamie live on our Healthy Inspirations Stage!
Jamie Lee is an Animal Relationship Specialist and Shelter Animal Reiki Association Teacher/Practitioner. She knows the healing power of animals first hand. From the start, they saved her from an abusive home life and taught her how to "speak" their silent language.
Jamie has had the great fortune to learn from many of the top experts in strengthening and healing the human/animal bond. She is the author of Whispers of Wisdom-Your Pet Has All The Answers, and The Animal Wisdom Journal. She is also featured in two Chicken Soup for the Soul books and several magazines. Jamie is active in animal rescue and volunteers her services to animal shelters and rescues.
“Animals have always been a part of my life, through the good times and bad. At an early age, I developed a special relationship with them that continues today. I believe my purpose is to elevate the lives of animals and in order to do that, I have to teach people how to connect and recognize the healing that animals bring into our lives.
I have been an energy practitioner for over 18 years and I am a Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) teacher/practitioner. SARA is the only professional non-profit association for Animal Reiki Practitioners. I continue to study the benefits of the human/animal bond. I have trained with a holistic veterinarian on the benefits of healing animals with essential oils and diet. I have also studied with a Certified Chopra Center Ayurveda Teacher for Ayurveda for dogs.
In May I will be training with Hyakuten Inamoto, the world’s only Japanese Reiki teacher.
I volunteer my services to shelter and sanctuary animals and staff. I have worked with Hearts Alive Village, Windy's Ranch and Rescue, Gillcrease Nature Sanctuary, Lied Animal Shelter, Bright Haven Animal Rescue (CA) and Lost Our Home Animal Rescue (AZ). I host monthly Animal Reiki Circles at Impetus Animal Training by Holistic Hounds and Barx Parx. I have co-hosted events with Impetus Animal Training to celebrate World Animal Reiki Day and I will be celebrating it this year by offering Reiki to the horses at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.”

Published Books:

  • Whispers of Wisdom, Your Pet Has All The Answers
  • The Animal Wisdom Journal
  • Published in two Chicken Soup for the Soul books - My Dog's Life and Devotional Stories for Tough Times
  • Published in Cesars Way Magazine, and the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine May/June 2018