Jennifer Kukainis


Jennifer Kukainis is one original mind who has been interested in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years due to necessity. Her background includes many forms of the fine arts and she even worked in a Bronze Foundry in Santa Fe, NM detailing the wax sculptures for the famous artists before they went into the final stage of sand casting and pouring bronze.
She also lived in a yoga community dedicated to Yogi Bhajan’s teachings and Kundalini Yoga in her mid 20’s. She personally witnessed Yogi Bhajan giving lectures and had a very deep and personal experience with the spiritual ways in which she continues to this day and forever more.
Determined to keep a free spirited lifestyle, she worked in the Las Vegas entertainment business for years while she explored other spiritual teachings, art workshops, traveling around the world and other entrepreneurial projects.
In 2007, Jennifer Kukainis met health expert Markus Rothkranz and was instrumental in bringing the message of the importance of diet, health and wellness to the masses.
Now she has finally come into her own and she has a plan…a very BIG PLAN. And it all starts with one single step.
Jennifer immediately recognized the value in the revolutionary technology of Voxxlife products and was inspired to share and weave this new biz into her bigger plan. Voxxlife will help her on her new journey to build her own platform where she will have her own books and Youtube channel to help and inspire others.
Here’s to finding more comfort and well being while finding your Voice. She will be selling the Voxxlife products at the Health, Healing and Happiness Conference & Expo.