Jodi Paige

Jodi Paige

Founder & Chief Cheese Officer of "Virgin Cheese"

Jodi Paige has been crafting up all things cuisine for many years; from learning to cook by dining out in Seattle's many fine establishments during the fabulous mid-80s to making and taking appetizers, dips and concoctions to any get together, for any reason. Always a tough audience, as a theatrical production stage manager or as a retail sole proprietor, being the barometer of good taste comes in especially handy being at the helm of an artisan vegan cheese company!

The journey to VIRGIN Ⓥ CHEESE is as extraordinary as the cheese itself. A new love affair with plant based eating, coupled with a Las Vegan community on fire for compassionate and creative cuisine, all came together in March of 2014.when Las Vegas launched it's first animal sanctuary with a grand opening private dinner for 150 health conscious consumers, guests were greeted with an appetizer vegan cheese sampler spread, with 8 varieties of organic, nut milk based cheeses - which hardly stayed on the table for very long. Guests came through the line 3-4 times and were quite vocal with enthusiasm. The Wine & Virgin Ⓥ Cheese basket Jodi assembled, with two organic wines, two cracker choices, two organic dark chocolate bars and big wedges of Lemon Dill, Shallot Truffle, Bleu and a Cheddar Nut Ball - went at silent auction for $400.00. Even more surreal, moving through the crowd to check on the auction bidding of multiple donated items she had prepared for the Sanctuary that evening, Jodi was enveloped with one word whispers of "cheese" "cheese" "cheese" as she made her way from the booth to the auction area. The evening came to a close with the event's coordinators and crew finally getting their first Virgin Ⓥ Cheese experience, and the first Wine & Vegan Cheese Pop Up Bar was conceived.

When not blending, culturing, shaping, and prepping cheese, Jodi can be found out in Calico Basin or Red Rock Canyon, riding Ranger, her "black stallion" mare, a Peruvian Paso/Appaloosa she has been enjoying for twenty years.

Jodi also founded the Grow Your Own Festival in Las Vegas and is dedicated to inspiring people to grow their own organic produce at home. 

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