Karla Quello

founder of Q Bodyworks

Karla Quello, founder of Q Bodyworks, graduated from the prestigious Swedish Institute in New York City in 1998.  Upon graduation, she immediately started providing quality and rehabilitative massage and bodywork for her clients.  During her 20-year career she has been a huge advocate of continuing education, which lead her to discover Myofascial Release.  After experiencing her own chronic pain for 17 years, it was this modality that released her tensional pain pattern.  In addition, she is now incorporating Biofield Tuning, which is a powerful vibrational sound therapy, using tuning forks to detect and correct distortions in the field.  She has now coined her work as Biofascial Fusion to describe the dynamic integration of Myofascial Release, Biofield Tuning and Medicupping. 
Presentation:  Where Mind & Body Meet: The Role of Fascia & Your Biofield for Long-Term Health
Come and learn about the role of our amazing three-dimensional connective tissue web or what is called fascia.  Do you experience chronic aches and pains in your body?  Have you had a doctor tell you they don’t “see” anything wrong with you based on your medical tests?   There is a good probability it is your fascia talking to you and you have developed tensional holding patterns.  Going beyond the body and accessing your mind, Karla will also demonstrate a powerful vibrational sound therapy called Biofield Tuning, which can also help you let go of long-term patterns that are held as distortions in your field, but also affect tension in your body.