8th Annual Health, Healing & Happiness Expo at Enclave in Las Vegas June 01-02, 2019

nichola burnett

Nichola Burnett

Holistic Registered Dietitian, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Medical Intuitive; Owner Back to Balance Functional Wellness Center, LLC


"Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology - Uncovering how and why a body becomes sick or chronically ill"

Discover the series of events that occurs within the body when it becomes stressed! There are changes in pathways and chemistry that the body creates as a result of those stressors placed upon it. You will learn why it resorts to making these types of changes. Once you are aware of how the body makes decisions about what pathways it will support and promote and which ones it will suppress and why these changes are made by the body, it becomes very easy to understand how to support the body, so that the pathways stimulated that lead to illness and disease, will not be organized and activated.

Attendees will be able to walk away with a very clear understanding as to the specific reasons and processes a body resorts to by creating dysfunctional chemistry, and the actual order of events that occurs in the physiology that a body goes through to create dysfunction, and why the physiology and chemistry resort to selecting and creating dysfunctional pathways.

You will better understand and gain clarity on how to resolve health issues of any kind!

Hear Nichola live on our Healthy Inspirations Stage!
Nichola Burnett has been practicing in the field of holistic health and wellness for 25 years and is the founder of Back to Balance Functional Wellness Center in Las Vegas, NV, a wellness center that utilizes Functional Medicine and Energy Medicine practices to assist people with addressing their health-related challenges. 
The foundation of her practice is based upon the basic concept of empowering people to take an active role in managing their own healing with protocols that focus on resolving physical ailments by addressing and correcting the root cause of the issue – not the symptom expression. 
Her passion lies in assisting others with their own healing process on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level using a variety of very practical and effective techniques to include hormone balancing, detoxification, yoga therapy, emotional work/life coaching, medical intuitive readings, radionics, aromatherapy, color therapy, and nutritional counseling.
As a Holistic Registered Dietitian, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Medical Intuitive she feels she has many unique tools available to empower others on their journey towards ‘healing’ and ‘awakening’ – that process of dismantling ego attachments and moving one closer towards their Highest Truth.
Whether providing counseling on health and nutrition, conducting a whole body scan, or doing an energy reading her philosophy is always the same; approach each individual as a body-mind-spirit for in this respect we are all inherently the same.