Sheila Z. Stirling, PhD, CL

Sheila Z StirlingWellness Catalyst, Award-winning Author, Lymphologist and Nutritionist

You are the steward of your own form. A miraculous miracle that blooms to full potential when given the tools that allow you to be who you truly are body, mind and spirit”!   Sheila Z Stirling is a catalyst for wellness. Her success and achievements in the holistic alternative medical industry can be easily realized just by looking at the countless profound testimonies her clients shower her with. Sheila Z is a Live Blood Microscopist, A Certified Lymphologist, and a Nutritionist. Her PhD is in Natural Health.  Sheila has also been trained in many energetic and alternative modalities such as Acutonics, Luma Light Therapy, and as Reiki Master, to name just a few. Sheila Z is an award-winning author.  Her most recent books are “Anatomy of Healing and Wellness” and “The Vibrant Life Cook Book”. She is also the author of the CD “Sounds of The Soul” that is known to balance both hemispheres of the brain. Her work in Alchemy and honoring Mother Earth set her apart as a unique educator. Her passion is assisting people to achieve “Radical Wellness”, regardless of chronological age. Sheila Z believes we can all stay 30 til’ we are 90! Find out more at True Life Solutions, Where Science Meets Holistic Healing