8th Annual Health, Healing & Happiness Expo at Enclave in Las Vegas June 01-02, 2019

Speaker Program at Health, Healing & Happiness 2019

At our newly rebranded Health, Healing & Happiness Expo, we will feature over 50 presentations on 3 stages this year with topics ranging from health & wellness, natural disease reversal, nutrition education, live chef demos, spiritual teachings, mini meditations, transformation & healing, science for humanity, quantum physics, sustainability, green living options, and much more!

We offer a ticketed special speaker program and a free to attend program, and here is what you can expect:

The new Healthy Inspirations Speaker Program

Our vision for this year includes a new educational speaker program called “Healthy Inspirations”, where 18+ expert presenters will share short, powerful talks in a style that is immersive and engaging, promising a lively exchange that will improve lives, solve problems, and inspire change!

healthy inspirations speaker program

This is a very exclusive, ticketed program with only 100 seats available!  Registered attendees will also have access to morning meditations and a yoga class by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, as well as special gifts!

Dr Gabriel Cousens

Dr. Gabriel Cousens,

Holistic Physician, Author, Diabetes Researcher, Spiritual Teacher, Founder "Tree of Life Center"

Barbara J Mathison

PCRM Food for Life Instructor

Jamie Lee

Animal Relationship Specialist

Cheri Alberts

Certified Wellness Coach

Jody Marie

Ms. ECO North America

Dr. Craig Roles

Functional Medicine Doctor

J.A. Plosker

Award-Winning Author

Shawngela Pierce

Law of Attraction Coach

Callee Ackland

Podcaster and Eco Activist

Sari Dennis

Health & Wellness Counselor

Richard Meyers

Business Improvement Specialist

Sean Walking Bear

Spiritual/Shamanic Practitioner

Nichola Burnett

Holistic Registered Dietitian

Bill Cadwallader

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist

Dina Lynn

MS Warrior and Food Purveyor

Rev. Arlene Hylton

Spiritual Teacher

The Empower Stage – Free to Attend With Expo Only Pass

The Empower Stage is the place where our amazing premium exhibitors will share their knowledge on specific health solutions, products and services. While educative in nature, these short talks will also feature information on event-specific offers not to be missed!

Presenters include:

James Wong

Founder of Reset Project, LLC

Dr. Craig Roles

Functional Medicine Doctor

April Azzolino

Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master

Roger Ringo

Master Metaphysician

Dr. Ayse Hogan

Soul Guru

Cheri Renee Petroni

Vibrational Medicine Woman

Dr. Nancy Brandt

Author, Teacher and Healer

Diane Addison

Independent BEMER Distributor

Michael Cabarus

Creator of "This Stuff Is Good For You"

Priscilla Messmer

Registered Nurse and Wellness Advocate

Keith Morey

Wellness Researcher & Author

Adrian Magaña

Share International

Dr. Gerred Popejoy

Director and founder of Nordic Walking Nations

Phillip Wilson

Founder Relax Sauna

Gina Covel

Registered Nurse and Intuit Dowser

Douglas Kantner

Founder and CEO of Longéve

Rodney B. Vestal

WBWC, LLC/Personal Infrared Sauna

Mike Evaro

Foods for Athletes Marketing & Sales Manager

Laini Risto

Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher, Medium and Professional Singer

The Culinary Stage – Free to Attend With Expo Only Pass

The Culinary Stage is where we will present our popular chef demos!  Meet Las Vegas’ most famous chefs and the who-is-who in plant-based cuisine, as they will share their culinary expertise to show you how healthy foods can also be delicious and crave-worthy! 
You do not want to miss the samples and tips & tricks shared here!

Presenters include:

Iman Haggag

Owner of POTs Egyptian Cuisine

Chef Kenny Chye

Owner of Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant; Vegan Chef

Chef Stacey Dougan

Owner of Simply Pure; Vegan and Raw Food Chef

Heidi Roy

Creator of Alternative Junkie, Thought Leader, Plant-based Lifestyle Coach